NS: Amazing Kreskin predicts economic gains for Nova Scotia

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By Colin Chisholm, The Daily Business Buzz

Kreskin, known worldwide for his ability to read minds and predict the future, believes the Yarmouth ferry will come back by the end of 2014 and be better than ever.

The Amazing Kreskin

[HALIFAX, NS] — The Amazing Kreskin — yes, that Kreskin from 1970s TV fame and a regular on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show — says the next few of years are going to be good times for Nova Scotia’s economy.

Kreskin, known worldwide for his ability to read minds and predict the future, demonstrated an uncanny knowledge of the province’s economic hot buttons, even adding a little weight to Premier Darrell Dexter’s promises to revive the economy of Southwestern Nova Scotia.

“I think you’ll see a ferry return,” Kreskin says, brimming with confidence in his answer. “You’ve got to. If I were there, I would want one absolutely.”

He predicts the ferry will come back by the end of 2014 and be better than ever. Kreskin went so far as to say he would love to be there for its maiden voyage.

“You got to let me know when it starts and get me a ticket on the first ride,” he says jovially. “Maybe I can get it started a little bit earlier, if they go through with this, I would consider doing a special event on that maiden voyage,” adding he would bring an assortment of celebrity guests along for the ride to kick it off in high gear.

“I think it’s going to happen, definitely before two years, very much so.”

He says that when, not if, the ferry comes back, for the powers that be to contact him so that he can be there. He says this will be a huge moment for the region.

But what about the biggest economic news to hit this province in the past generation — namely Irving’s National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy contract? Does Kreskin see anything coming from the contract in the near future? Wellllll, yes and no.

“It’s not as clear of a situation to me,” he says, admitting he did not know much about the timeline of events. “It’s probably going to be at least three years before the first ship is started I think, I really do. I don’t want people to think this is my desire, that’s just how I feel about it.

“It’ll be longer than the ferry boat,” he adds, continuing to note his excitement for the return of the Yarmouth ferry. “The first ship will start construction after the new ferry is put in place in Yarmouth and has its maiden voyage.”

In the meantime, though, Nova Scotians can look forward to a rebound in another vital resource sector that’s been hit hard in the last couple of years.

Kreskin says the forestry sector could see a renaissance of sorts eventually, but didn’t say exactly when.

“I don’t think the closures will lessen right now, but I think in the long run, there will be a turn around and the situation will improve,” he says. “I just don’t think it’ll happen in the first part of this year. It’s going to take some time before a turnaround takes place. It will take a while for things to improve, but it won’t continue to go downhill.”

Kreskin also predicts a resurgence in the province’s offshore industry. When asked if he sees any new offshore developments getting underway, his response was an enthusiastic yes.

“It’s got to happen,” he says with vigor. “I think they’ll start pumping oil out there, yes I do. Not in a one-year period, but it will happen, absolutely.”

Kreskin seems confident we’ll see more oil rigs off the coast within a few years and emphasized its importance to Atlantic Canada as a whole.

“That’s going to be an exciting development,” he says. “From my viewpoint, it’s long overdue. This has got to happen; I wish it were happening sooner, but it will happen.”

Not everything is crystal clear

Not even the Amazing Kreskin can answer everything. Once the topics strayed away from the economy, the future apparently was not quite as clear to the famous mentalist.

When asked which of Nova Scotia’s political parties will take the next provincial election, Kreskin declined to answer.

“When I predicted the election here in the U.S. I wrote it one year and four months ago on the Jimmy Fallon show,” Kreskin says, noting he predicted Obama would win. “But I would not let my prediction be made public.”

He says he doesn’t reveal his political predictions because people will assume he’s picking a pony in a race and not really predicting the future.

Kreskin also passed on the question of what sort of impact the arrival of Target department stores will have on Atlantic Canada’s retail landscape. He says he just isn’t comfortable foretelling that scenario.

On a national scale, he has some harsh words and predictions for the NHL.

“When people in private life are struggling economically and smaller businesses are and individuals are, it is very poor; in fact, it’s stinking lousy show business to have great amounts of money become issues as to why people will not perform or entertain.”

Kreskin predicted that if this standoff went on for two more months that hockey would drop as a favourite sport for many years. He says that this prediction is not a reflection of hockey itself, but rather a sign that the NHL lockout is hurting the league’s overall image.

“It’ll be very damaging, and they will have created it themselves. They can blame no one else.”

Kreskin also has bad news for a particular prime ministerial hopeful. He says that Justin Trudeau will be a very successful leader, but will never call 24 Sussex Drive home.

“I’m not going to say why, but I have very strong feelings that he won’t be,” Kreskin says. “I’m not saying it’s the shadow of his father and so forth, because that’s very unfair, but I just don’t think it will happen.”


Predictions from the Amazing Kreskin in recent years…

• Barack Obama’s presidential win in 2008.

• The Giants capturing the Super Bowl title with a three-point spread.

• Identifying Paul Ryan as the Republican challenger for the 2012 presidential election 16 months in advance. Ryan hadn't even been offered up as a potential running mate at that time.

• Violence increasing in sports and schools in the U.S. due in part to more TV and movie violence.

• More Americans buying guns because of the growing crime rate, bolstering the gun industry.

Geographic location: Nova Scotia, Yarmouth, Atlantic Canada U.S.

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  • NSGuy
    January 15, 2013 - 17:24

    I found this article from Twitter, and it made my day for a moment to see "Yarmouth will gets its ferry", then I saw "Amazing Kreskin" At this point I'd rather hear confirmation of a ferry service over the thoughts of a psychic about one..

  • tom
    January 08, 2013 - 07:40

    gee, do you think i can print that and take it to the bank for a loan for my southwest nova tourism business?? :-)

  • second banana
    January 07, 2013 - 14:44

    I second that Carnac! hiii-ooooo!!!!

  • Carnac the Magnificent
    January 07, 2013 - 11:16

    I, for one, am pleased to see Kreskin contributing to the buzz - It's great to have fun stuff like this to counterpoint some of the depressing news of late. Of course I knew ahead of time he'd be featured on your site - that's why I signed up!