Column Spotlight: Business Insight - Feb. 2012

Debbie Lawrence
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TOPIC - How do you plan to show up in 2012?

Debbie Lawrence - Business Insight

(Originally published in the Feb. 2012 issue of the Nova Scotia Business Journal)

Your path is reflected in every decision you make related to your business — from the quality of materials, tools and resources to employees, strategic partners, even physical space.

Martha Stewart teaches if you use the best tools and have great instruction you can do anything. As a sound principle, this approach should be woven throughout your entire business, especially if you intend for quality to be at the forefront of your company’s practices this year.

From personal experience, I know whenever I step up my game by investing in the best tools, equipment, and resources, I come out of the gate performing at a higher level and, therefore, advancing at a greater rate than I would have had I chosen to continue to play small.

I recall working with a client who owned a framing business. He had been using an economical hand-held tool for cutting mattes. As skilled and steady-handed as he was, it was inevitable he would make mistakes. The result was increased waste of raw materials and heightened time taken to complete each framing job. In business terms, this tool resulted in a direct erosion of his bottom line.

With a high-quality commercial matte cutter costing more than $3,000, the client had been reluctant to use his limited savings for this purchase. When given an opportunity to test the highly rated matte cutter and experience what it felt like to generate a clean, professional cut the first time round, it did not take long for him to calculate the savings in direct costs and the intangible peace of mind he would gain from investing in one. A week later he happily wrote the cheque — an act that also sent a clear message to himself and his staff about his belief in how he was choosing to show up as a business owner.

For 2012 make the choice to surround yourself and your business with the very best your budget can manage. It will be playing to win and will nourish your bottom line.

The founder and president of Abundant Living Inc., Debbie Lawrence is a life, business & career coach and author of “Standing In Your Light: Women and Entrepreneurship” and “Dancing in Your Light: 6 Steps to Attracting A Life That Makes Your Heart Sing”. Debbie has been an adult educator and business coach for the past two decades. Check out her website at or call (902) 895-6987.

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